Why Slate Roofs Have Been Called The Gold Standard of Roofing Material

Slate roofing has been used for a longer period of time than any other roofing material.

Benefits delivered by a slate roof

• Safety: It does not conduct electricity.
• It is fireproof: the significance of that benefit has become increasingly clear.
• It displays noteworthy insulating properties. It helps to keep a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
• It lasts a long time; it is durable, but it is not flexible.
• Mold or moss would struggle to survive on a surface that was created by a contractor that had learned how to install slate roofs.
• It causes the rooftop to appeal to the human eye. In other words, it helps to give a home some added curb appeal.

Drawbacks associated with a slate roof

It is brittle: As stated above, it is not flexible. It does not bend, after feeling the impact of a large object. Instead, it breaks.

It is heavy. It could collapse, if deprived of a sufficient amount of reinforcement. It works best on large buildings. Not all Roofing Contractors in San Jose are experienced in the process of installing a slate roof. Hence, the homeowner must undertake added effort, in order to locate a desirable contractor.

The owner of a building with a slate roof must keep the records relating to that roofing system for an extended amount of time. Those records must show how frequently the rooftop has been inspected.

Slate roofing materials do not come in a wide range of different colors. The owner of a home with such a roofing system would find it next to impossible to match the roof’s color and the hue in any other features on the family’s residence. Still, the roof’s neutral tone would not clash with any other color.

It is expensive. A homeowner must weigh the benefits against the drawbacks, before electing to invest in a rooftop that has been called the gold standard of roofing systems.

Something to keep in mind, when giving thought to the benefits and drawbacks of any roofing system that features slate materials.

Today, the insurance industry gives credit to any homeowner that has a residence next to a lake or pond. In light of that practice, it would seem that the owner of any house with slate roofing ought to enjoy access to the same sort of credit.

Of course, not every potential buyer would feel eager to spend some added money on something that could lower the cost of fire insurance. After all, only a few inland homes have any body of water right next to them. Still, it would be easier to pay for installation of fireproof/slate roofing, than to arrange for creation of some sort of tiny pond.

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