Why A Roofing Warranty Should Be Viewed As A Financial Asset

By February 10, 2022Roofing Company

A roofing warranty helps to increase the value of the home with the warranted roof. It serves as a guarantee of the same roof’s performance over a given period of years.

Types of manufacturers’ warranties

NDL (no dollar limit) warranty: A smart homeowner should seek this sort of warranty, if her or she has chosen to pay for installation of a new rooftop. It requires that the manufacturer offer full coverage of a defective product, even if the cost for fixing the new roofing were to exceed the cost of the initial installation.

Materials warranty: This functions as a guarantee that the products used by the manufacturer should not fail within a given period of time. Smart homeowners should seek this as a supplementary warranty, if a contractor has offered a simple roof contractor warranty.

Labor and materials warranty: This covers defects in labor or materials up to a specific dollar amount. In homes with a larger roof, the covered costs would reach the stated limit in a shorter period of time. Hence, this might not provide adequate protection for a family that has counted on the sheltering capacity of a large rooftop.

Roof system warranty: The terms in this warranty apply to the membrane in the roofing system. Membranes are used in commercial roofing systems. A building owner should realize that system warranties do not cover problems with the installation or decking.

Roof contractor warranty: This covers the work performed during the roof’s installation. It does not cover the products used by the contractor.

What is the function of roofing insurance?

That covers any problems that might not be covered by a warranty. If a contractor has done a shoddy job, and has failed to offer a warranty, roofing insurance might cover any costs created by an altered or new roof’s poor performance. Of course, that would only be true if the contractor’s job had somehow managed to pass an official inspection.

Still, no homeowner should think that it would be easy to acquire coverage of Roof Repair in San Jose to a problem that had been caused by a leaking roof. The insurance company would need to receive satisfactory proof of the fact that the roof had been inspected, and had passed that same inspection.

The assumption made by any manufacturer, contractor or roofer that has agreed to offer a warranty.

That same individual has assumed that the homeowner intends to arrange for annual roofing inspections. Smart homeowners obtain written verification of any inspection that has been carried out by a professional roofer. In that way the same homeowners avoid a situation where the warranty’s value has vanished, due to the absence of evidence that the anticipated inspections were completed on an annual basis.

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