When Do I Get My Roof Replaced?

If you’ve been procrastinating about hiring a roof replacement San Jose company to replace your home’s most important structural component, you might want to consider having it done in fall. Here’s why. Northern California temperatures are pleasantly warm but not overly hot. Roofing contractors are done with the hectic summer season and wouldn’t mind a few more jobs before the cold weather sets in.

That is why before the winters starts, you need to get the repairs done or the co3mplete roof replaced and ensure a safer home.

Furthermore, if you live at an elevation where it rains frequently or snows every now and then, you’ll want to ensure that your roof can handle the additional stress. Here are four reasons why the months of September, October, and November are the best times of the year to replace your roof:

Fall weather in this area of California is ideal – whenever the temperature is 45° or warmer, it’s the perfect time to have a roof replacement San Jose contractor install a new roof on your home. Applying shingles in the most ideal temperature ensures that they will have an airtight barrier against the cold weather as well as the rain and snow that it often brings.

Roofs take a beating during spring and summertime – even if you didn’t experience any leaks during the last rainy season, it doesn’t mean that your roof can stand another winter. As if the spring torrential downpours didn’t wreak enough havoc on Northern California roofs, nothing causes roof damage like the intense summer heat. Although damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye, the protective covering of your home may have been weakened to the extent that it won’t survive another winter.

Snow may be a concern – as was mentioned above, areas that are prone to snowfall are of special concern to roof replacement San Jose contractors. Most roofs have been designed and developed to handle a specific amount of snow. However, sometimes a winter storm can dump an excessive amount and put more stress on a roof than it can bear, especially when it’s an older roof

Most importantly, a new roof will save you money on winter heating costs – the roofing materials in use today are considerably more energy-efficient those of the past. They keep cooled and heated air from escaping while keeping the cold or heat from getting in. When replacing your roof, you should consider insulating your attic, also.

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