What You Should Expect To Pay When Replacing Roof Shingles

A prompt replacement of damaged shingles represents a proven way to prevent formation of leaks.

Water damage caused by leaks could force a homeowner to deal with added expenses.

The moist surfaces would encourage formation of mold. It costs money to carry out the removal of mold.Like mold, mildew grows best on a moist surface. It, too, could force a homeowner to deal with an added expense.

If not corrected at an early stage, a leak could cause damage to the support beams within the home’s framework. In addition, it could cause some portions of the walls and ceilings to become damaged.

What to look for during an examination of the roof?

• Missing shingles
• Curling on any shingle
• Cracked shingles
• Bent or damaged flashing
• Damage to any part of gutter

Things to watch for after a roof inspection

• Sagging of support beams
• An increase in the size of the home’s energy bills

Expected cost for replacing shingles

• Cost for standard asphalt shingle: $5.00 per square foot
• Cost for cedar shake: $4.50 per square foot; these costs less than asphalt, but it calls for installation of a fire risk.
• Clay tiles: $10 to $18 per square foot
• Steel shingle: $5.00-$14 per square foot.

The cost for shingles’ installation would add to the cost for any of the styles in the above list.

Fortunately, it is possible to carry out an installation by using a less-costly method. For instance, a layer of the new roofing materials (shingles) could be placed over the old ones. That action would eliminate the need to pay for any type of removal operation.

Furthermore, utilization of expensive nails could be viewed as a cost-saving measure. That would be the case if the contractor were to use the 2-inch nail. That tough nail has the ability to double a home’s resistance to high winds. That would be an important capability in a region that tended to get lots of tornadoes or hurricanes.

Appreciate the fact that only a Roofing Company in San Jose should take on the task of carrying out a project that entails shingle replacement. A good contractor would know to put flashing around the chimney, if the old flashing had become bent or damaged in some other way.

A good contractor should offer a warranty, along with completion of the assigned project. In the absence of such a warranty, a homeowner would have to bear the cost for any repair or replacement effort, no matter how recently the damaged item had been placed on the home’s rooftop. In addition, a good contractor normally carries insurance. Therefore, the person that has sought the contractor’s services should not be paying for a roofer’s injuries.

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