What Signals Indicate That Your Roof Was Not Installed Properly?

A home provides those that life in that building with a roof. Yet the building’s residents cannot enjoy that protection for long, if the roofing was not installed properly. How can a homeowner know when a roofing installer has failed to do an adequate job?

The roof’s appearance can serve as one clue. Are any of the shingles out of line? Is any part of the roofing bumpy? If a homeowner must answer “yes” to those 2 questions, then the roof’s appearance has provided proof of the fact that the rooftop was not installed properly.

What clue can be found in the gutters?

What happens when it rains? Does the water drain off of the roof into the gutter? If the water falls off of the roof, instead of draining into then that sends another signal. Like the signal that was sent by the rooftop’s appearance, it shows that the installer did not do a good job, when providing the inspected house with a roof.

What can happen if the water does not drain into the gutters? That means that some water might work its way down towards the home’s foundation. Roofing Company in San Jose knows that it can cause the foundation to decay. No one wants to live in a house with a decaying foundation.

Did an inspection reveal other clues?

A rooftop might appear perfect from a distance, but a close inspection might reveal the existence of spaces, spot where a shingle is missing. The absence of a shingle represents a location where the roof’s protective functions have been compromised. There is a strong chance that a leak could form.

Obviously, no one wants to live in a residence with a leaky roof. Roofing that contains a leak fails to perform its expected function. It sends a strong message each time that rain falls from the sky. That message has to do with the nature of the job completed by the installer. The installer’s job was not competed in a satisfactory fashion.

One clue gets noticed over an extended period of time.

During installation of the roofing, the crew doing the work hammers nails into each shingle. Ideally, those nails should keep each shingle in place. Still, the homeowner might notice that some shingle start falling off. That indicates that the crew doing the installation did not get supplied with the right type of nail.

If you live in an area of the country that tends to get hit by hurricanes, it pays to check closely for evidence of missing shingles. The top-rated installers do not shrink from paying the high price for such nails. Otherwise, wind and rain could loosen the nails. Then some of the shingles might start falling onto the ground.