What Normally Causes Roof Leaks In The Homes of California Residents?

In some regions of the United States, show and ice can cause roofing to leak. There is no snow or ice in southern California; yet some of the homes in that area still develop leaks. Why is that the case?

The most likely causes for such leaks

Heavy winds: Warm winds that come from the east have the ability to encourage creation of a fire. The same winds have been known to toss branches onto rooftops.

Poor drainage from the home’s gutters: Gutters are supposed to catch the rainwater that slides off of the roof, and then direct it to the downspout. When gutter fail to carry out their intended function, the retained water can damage the roofing.

Poor drainage from the downspout: Even if a gutter were able to direct rainwater into a downspout, that collection of raindrops might not flow from the downspout’s bottom opening. There could be a clog in the extension from that same gutter. That would cause the roofing to get exposed to a potential source of damage, retained rainwater.

Cracks in flashing or sealant: Those get placed around pipes and vents. The appearance of cracks in either of those items should initiate a quest for new flashing or new sealant. Homeowners can reduce the chances for development of such a problem by refusing to cut corners when putting an extension on their residence.

If extended roofing had to match the home’s existing structure, and cover an area near one of the roof’s pipes, an unlicensed contractor might not introduce a sufficient amount of flashing. That mistake could aid the development of a leak. As a result, the larger home would have an additional problem, one or more leaks.

It always pays to hire a professional Roofing Company in San Jose, so that a completed extension displays the ability to pass any inspection or test. Understand that every rainstorm represents a test for a new roof, even if an inspector has claimed that a given extension should remain problem-free. An inspector might not look closely at the methods used for putting flashing on a pipe in the rooftop.

Other possible reasons for a leaky roof

The homeowner did not use sufficient care, when picking the contractor that would install solar panels. A cheap contractor might not train the employees on how to attach the panels to the roofing without creating harmful holes. Obviously, water could leak through the same holes.

The homeowner did not use an adequate amount of care, when selecting the contractor for installation of a TV antenna. This is another situation where a contractor’s employees might lack specific skills, such as the ability to place an antenna on a rooftop without creating unwanted holes.

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