What Homeowners Should Know About Roofing Contractors

Any smart homeowner wants to get a reputable contractor, when it has come time to repair or replace the home’s roof. How can homeowners remove their possible doubts about a contractor’s reputation?

Questions to ask

Has the consulted roofing contractor in San Jose purchased liability insurance? A contractor’s failure to buy such insurance shows that the homeowner would become responsible for any injuries sustained by one or more or the workers, during the time when the homeowner’s project was underway.

Is the contractor’s license free of all complaints? Contractors keep their license, while the state investigates a particular complaint. Homeowners have no way of knowing when or if that same complaint could lead to removal of a given contractor’s license.

Is the contractor a member of the Better Business Bureau? The ability to claim that membership serves as evidence of the same member’s good reputation. What is the nature of the contractor’s credit rating? Sometimes contractors’ actions reveal the nature of their credit rating. Proceed with caution, if a consulted contractor has mentioned the possibility of getting a preliminary lien from a supplier.

Contractors’ approach to their job tells a lot about their skills and experience

Those that are experienced normally appoint a crew leader and a project manager. The crew leader and manager work together, in order to make certain that the entire project gets done properly. Trustworthy contractors arrange for someone to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way a homeowner can always gain access to a source of guidance, or someone that can answer questions.

When calculating the estimated cost of a specific project, the contractor does not overlook the need to install ventilation in the home’s attic. Few homeowners appreciate the importance of such ventilation. Too often, a homeowner’s mind is focused on the low amount that might be quoted in an estimate, rather than the nature of the contractor’s cost-cutting tactics.

By failing to install ventilation in the attic, a contracted roofer could save the client lots of money. Still, those apparent savings could vanish quickly if the residents living under the unventilated attic discovered numerous leaks. A poorly ventilated attic invites the development of leaks.

Experienced contractors come prepared to get started on the job for which they have been hired. They have in their possession all of the necessary equipment. No time gets wasted, as their workers search for a given piece of equipment. Contractors’ skills provide them with a reason for requesting a sizeable payment for any given project. A list of references can serve as proof of skills used in the past. For that reason, skilled contractors usually volunteer to provide a potential client with a list of references.

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