What Factors Determine How Long Your Roof Will Last?

Back in the Middle Ages the homes in a village had straw roofs. Those did not last very long. Still, the material in the roofing is just one of the many factors that determines the length of a given roof’s lifetime.

The variety of materials used in present-day roofs

Some are made from copper or slate; each of them can last for up to 50 years. Some contain fiber cement shingles or asphalt composite shingles. Each of them has been designed to last of 20-25 years. A wooden roof last longer than one made of straw, but it still has a limited lifetime.

Roofing lasts longer when it features protection against UV radiation.

Asphalt, steel, aluminum and zinc alloy have been used in shingles, in order to make them resistant to UV radiation. Some of them have a plastic polymer. Any of those materials could be used in a coating, one that got sprayed on a previously unprotected surface. Still, the sun’s rays are not the only natural phenomena that can damage a rooftop structure.

Other elements of nature that can harm a home’s roofing

In a region with lots of rain, roofs made of asphalt shingles or metal manage to hold up for the most extended period of time. In a region with high winds or hurricanes a roof lasts longer when it contains either clay or slate.

A homeowner’s actions could shorten a roof’s lifetime

Some homeowners like to experiment with DIY repairs. Experiments conducted on roofing materials could shorten the lifetime of a home’s rooftop. A smart homeowner hires a professional roofer.

Roofing Company in San Jose know that inattention to the surroundings can also hasten the termination of a roof’s lifetime. Any branches that hang over a home’s roof should be trimmed, in order to keep them from falling off and puncturing the roofing materials.

Some homeowners hesitate to invest in a ventilation device. Yet such a device can fight the effects of heat during the summer, and prevent formation of ice dams in the attic, during the winter months. When an ice dam thaws, it forms a small puddle of water in the attic.

A ventilator can speed the evaporation of that tiny puddle. Moreover, some ventilators rely on the sun to obtain electrical power. That makes each of them a good investment. In fact, any roofing material is a good investment, if the buyer/homeowner has studied the characteristics for the different types of roofs. An application of that acquired knowledge should work to ensure the construction of a rooftop that will satisfy 2 needs. It ought to carry out an essential function, while providing a residence with suitable protection for an appreciable amount of time.

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