What Are The Misconceptions Homeowners Have About The Roofs?

Too often homeowners do not move quickly enough, in order to deal with roofing problems. Sometimes, they take the wrong sort of actions. Their mistakes reflect the homeowners’ belief in mistaken ideas.

A roof has been designed to last forever.

Since a roof represents a necessary structure on any home, some homeowners think that it will last forever. It will not. It has to be maintained properly and, when that proves necessary, it must be replaced.

I could save money by doing a needed roof repair myself.

It takes experience and training to complete a satisfactory repair job on a rooftop. The money saved by someone with DIY-enthusiasm might get spent later, when the simple repairs prove inadequate. Then a professional must be called upon to fix the sloppy job.

I do not want to sacrifice the time required for the replacement of my home’s roofing.

The homeowner that pays an experienced roofing contractor in San Jose should expect the replacement to be completed within a matter of days. Only the DIY-enthusiast threatens to prolong the amount of time required for replacing the structure that keeps out any precipitation.

Why should I replace my roof when I can invest in roofing repairs?

Repairs prove effective for only a limited amount of time. Eventually, an unrepairable problem develops on an old rooftop.

Admittedly, flashing repairs can be done with easy. All it takes is the application of some rubber cement. Unfortunately, not all repair jobs are done that easily.

I am afraid to arrange for a roofing replacement. I do not want to have my homeowner’s insurance policy cancelled.

In most states and provinces, an insurance company would be breaking the law, if it were to cancel your policy, because you had scheduled such a replacement. The legal system does not feel that any homeowner should be forced to live in an unsafe dwelling. Yet the threat of a policy cancellation could force of family to take such a drastic step.

My roofing warranty frees me of concerns about my roof’s condition.

The homeowner that makes that statement probably failed to read that warranty carefully. The company that offered the warranty did so with the expectation that the homeowner would put time and money into maintaining the completed roof. A homeowner’s reluctance to carry out such maintenance chores can result in cancellation of the purchased warranty.

A homeowner’s possession of a warranty does not free that warranty-holder of a freedom from any concerns about the roof’s condition. Instead, it calls for the scheduling of annual inspections, in order to check on the rooftop’s ability to function in the way that it should. Only by scheduling such inspections, can a homeowner’s worries become decidedly limited in scope and nature.