Value Linked To Clean Gutters

The roof sends rainwater into the gutters, so that it can make its way to the ground. For that reason, a home’s gutter should stay clean, in order for the roof’s intended function to be carried out properly.

Consequences associated with a clogged gutter system

A clog slows the drainage process.

If rainwater were to collect in that same system, then the collected water could get into the home.

The debris clogging a system of gutters could serve as a home for rodents or other pests. A small animal would then find it fairly easy to get into the attic, or to some other section of the home.

Furthermore, clogged debris could support the growth of mold. Mold does not belong on the roofing or the gutter system. It has the ability to hasten the deterioration of those same systems.

How often should a homeowner clean the home’s drainage system (gutters)?

The greater the number of trees near the home’s rooftop, the greater should be the homeowner’s concern for scheduling gutter cleaning. Some homes must deal with issues that relate to the gutters’ clogging 3-4 times a year as per Roofing Company in San Jose.

Ideally, that cleaning should be part of a roofing inspection. What are the best times for such an operation? The fall and spring season are the recommended times.

A complete operation would clean the downspouts as well as the channels that catch the rainwater. A gutter’s absence of debris does not eliminate concerns about water damage, because the downspouts must also be free of debris.

Comparing the benefits and drawbacks to investing in a leaf guard/filter


—It limits the amount of debris that enters the gutters.
—It cuts down on the number of times that someone would need to don gloves, climb a ladder and remove any debris that might have made its way into the guarded channel.
—Protects against the chance that spillage could pour into a garden close to the home
—Added feature when selling home
—Eliminates the weight created by pooling of rainwater in debris-filled channel at roof’s edge. That added weight tends to become an extra burden on the home’s foundation; in other words, it encourages crack formation.


—Screens need to be replaced every 3 years
—Does not free homeowner of the need to check for debris
—The screen or guard goes over the existing channels/gutters. If any one of those is in poor condition, the screens and guards are apt to be less effective.
—Does not directly address issue of debris in downspouts
—Does not operate as a way to guide flow from the downspout, so that the same flow does not erode a part of the property.

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