Tips For Scheduling Roof Inspection

A smart homeowner schedules a roof inspection at least once a year. Any good inspection should be carried out by an expert on roofing.

The inspector’s job

The inspector must look for any evidence of a roofing issue, a problem that could keep the roof from serving as an adequate protection from the elements.

Inspectors have discovered that such issues often develop during the winter months, and become most evident in the spring.

The ways that a homeowner can prepare for the inspector’s arrival

Look at the roof from the ground, using binoculars. Today, a homeowner might have access to a drone with a camera. Those items could be used to carry out a few simple checks. Check for any evidence of the following:

—Cracks in the caulking
—Rust spots
—Bubbles on shingles
—Any moss or lichen

Study the contents of the liquid that has poured from the downspout, which is part of the gutter system. Look for any granules that could have come from the rainwater that has washed over the roof’s shingles. Save those same granules, so that they can be shown to the inspector.

Roofing Company in San Jose would study the interior of the home. Check for any stain on the ceiling. Also note any evidence that water has been leaking into a closed space, such as a closet or a cabinet.

Search for the documents about the home’s roofing. The inspector should be able to do a better job, if he or she were given facts pertaining to the roof’s age. Look for any papers that document the dates of an earlier inspection.

Advantages linked to performance of an inspection during the early spring

• Less humidity in the air; the inspector feels more comfortable.
• Less foliage: any issues should be easier to spot.
• No need to deal with troublesome insects.
• No need to worry about freezing temperatures
• Less chance for conflicts, due to attempts by other families to schedule a roof inspection

The inspector’s findings should be corrected in time for any late-spring activities, such as a graduation party, or a reception, following a June wedding. The likely source of supplies, a home center or a lumberyard is apt to be ready to order the items that might be needed, for fixing any issues.

Possible problems to keep in mind, if planning for an early spring inspection.

What is the home country of the inspector that you plan to use? Some people with different racial identities may have different availability due to personal festivities. Additionally, in some regions, there is a chance for rain during that time of year. The changing temperatures might aid creation of a tornado.

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