Tips For Maintaining Your Roof’s Drainage System

One of the keys to keeping your roofing system working at its best is to make sure that it’s getting proper drainage. Standing and seeping water can cause your roof to deteriorate and can lead to eventual leaks. Taking some time to check your home’s roof drainage periodically can ward off potential problems in the future.

What Parts Make Up a Roof Drainage System?

Your roof drainage protects your home by moving water away from the exterior of the building so it doesn’t find places to pool, easily seeping into gaps and crevices. Your home’s outside gutter system keeps water from running straight off the roof and pooling near the foundation of your home. The interior drains will divert water off the roof into pipes and will typically discharge into a sewer system. Scuppers are openings that allow for drainage into a downspout.

Keeping Your Roof Dry

A well-maintained drainage system works to keep your roof dry and in good condition. But when your drainage is clogged up, it can’t do its job and can negatively affect your home. Your system must be able to move a large amount of water in a small amount of time. Any debris can very quickly build up, especially during a large storm.

There are some simple ways to maintain your drainage system so it’s working properly when you need it most.

● Make sure to inspect and clean out your drainage every six months, ideally in the spring and fall and especially after a major weather occurrence.
● Run water through gutters and downspouts.
● Look for sagging, loose connections and broken or missing fasteners in the gutter system.
● Examine strainers to ensure that they are secure
● Remove any obstacles that may be hindering your drainage such as tree branches. Keeping trees trimmed away from your roof ensures that branches aren’t rubbing against your roof and leaves aren’t clogging your drains and gutters.
● Remove loose shingle granules that may have accumulated as they can impede the flow of water.
● Clean out any areas around roof-mounted equipment
● Repair cracks around drains
● Repair issues as they arise
● Aim downspouts to funnel water away from the building so water doesn’t pool close to the foundation.
● If you are re-roofing, consider replacing your drainage with an upgraded system and replacing gutters for ones with greater flow.

A Little Maintenance Can Go a Long Way

Roof drainage is often overlooked by unsuspecting homeowners. To ensure that your roof is properly draining, you want to keep up on drainage maintenance. Standing water can not only cause flooding problems around your home but can deteriorate roofing materials and work its way under flashing and roofing sealants, eventually allowing water to seep into the home’s interior. A little drainage maintenance can go a long way to avoid serious and costly repairs.

Your roof is one of the most important systems of your home. Make sure you care for it properly. If you need roofing advice, call the San Jose roof repair specialists at Falcon Roofing.