Three Roof Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know

If you own a home with a metal roof, you should know a few things about maintaining it to make it last longer. Contrary to popular belief, you do need to maintain a metal roof. The reason is that regular maintenance will keep small issues from rapidly becoming much bigger ones. However, doing it alone is impossible as it is risky if you don’t have safety equipment to go on the roof.

Look for broken shingles and gutter buildup when inspecting your roof. You should inspect your roof twice annually, and every time you have extremely bad weather. You will be amazed at how much money regular roof inspections will save you over time.

Be Sure to Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Regularly cleaning your gutters will prevent water from pooling up in them and rotting. Rotten water and debris do more than just smell and look bad. They can damage your home and reduce its value over time.

Trim Your Trees

Trees with overgrown limbs can damage the shingles on your roof and cause algae and mold buildup. That can exacerbate the damage and reduce your home’s overall value.

Replace Missing or Broken/Damaged Shingles Immediately

In addition to that, be sure to caulk up or seal damaged areas. Not doing so can cause permanent damage to your house.

Maintenance Checklist for Roof Inspections

You need a checklist to know exactly what to look for when inspecting your roof. Include the following on your checklist.

• Missing shingles
• Damaged or broken shingles
• Bending or buckling shingles
• Shingles with bare spots
• Cracked caulking
• Moss
• Rusting
• Peeling paint

You’re making a major investment in your home when you lay a roof down, so you want to make that last for as long as possible. Note that there are some aspects of roof maintenance that you should have a professional roofing company do. A Roofing Contractor in San Jose understands the importance of experience and skill of roofers when they need to do maintenance on the roof.

Annual Roof Maintenance

Be sure to eliminate loose debris as it falls onto your roof. Do that every time you have bad weather. Also, do general inspections. Be sure to look for signs of water leakage and damage. You can spray moss remover over areas with mold or moss. Be sure to check that everything is sealed properly.

Reach Out to the Professionals

Always contact a professional roofing company if you encounter any issues that you can’t handle yourself. Have a professional inspect your roof at least once a year. They have an eye for detail since they’re trained to spot things you may miss.

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