Things To Look For (and Avoid) When Looking For A San Jose Roofer

By September 30, 2019Roofing Company

If you’re looking for a roofer, you may want to consider that for every good roofer, there are a few not-so-good ones or even downright fraudulent ones. Don’t let your San Jose roof repair turn into a nightmare. Here are some things to look for (and avoid) when you need a new roof or roofing repair done.

Hiring a Handyman or a Friend

A roofing system is a complex part of your home and an important one at that. It’s important to have someone who is experienced with installing and repairing roofing systems and its components to do any roofing work you may need. Although a handyman (or even doing it yourself) seems like a good way to save some money on a “small” repair, it may cause even more issues in the future if the repair is not done properly. And your insurance company may not cover repairs done by an unlicensed handyman if you’re filing an insurance claim

Hiring the Guys Who Show Up After a Storm

There are always the guys who come out of the woodwork after a significant storm who show up at your door offering to inspect and repair your roof. This may be a local company just wanting to help their community and neighbors after a severe storm. But more often than not, these storm chasers are not ones you want doing your roofing work. In many instances, they are the ones who take advantage of a bad situation, take your money and may head for the hills before they even begin doing work on your roof. If a local roofing contractor does show up after a storm, do the normal due diligence you would do when hiring any San Jose roofing contractor.

Check Your Roofer’s Credentials

Do your homework and research any company you are considering hiring for your roof installation or repairs. How long have they been in business? Check their local reviews and ask for references. Personally check their liability insurance and worker’s comp coverage. Accidents and damages can happen so you want to make sure that your contractor has sufficient coverage. Worker’s compensation is important as you don’t want to be personally responsible if a worker gets injured on your job site.

Read and Fully Understand Your Contract

Before you sign any contract, read it carefully and ask questions. The wrong time to ask questions is AFTER you sign the contract. As a homeowner, you have the right to understand your contract completely. Make sure that your roofer uses their own employees and not subcontractors. If they do, you will want to research those subcontractors and meet the foreman that will be on your site. A good roofing company in San Jose cares about your satisfaction and their reputation and will go out of their way to make your experience with them a good one.

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