Things To Consider Before Re-Roofing Your Home

Most homeowners have questions regarding costs, when seeking a company with expertise in roof replacement. Some also ask about how long the project should take. Yet there are other things to consider, as well, before re-roofing your home.

Will the new roof include features such as gable or ridge vents?

Those provide the attic with an improved level of ventilation. In addition, such vents work to regulate the temperature inside of the attic. Furthermore, good ventilation helps to reduce the amount of moisture buildup.

Will the replacement be a cool roof?

A cool roof contains energy-efficient materials. Such materials absorb a decreased amount of the sun’s energy. That reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the home on a hot day.

What type of gutters will the roof-installer put on our home?

Ideally, installation of new roofing by roof replacement experts in San Jose should include the placement of seamless gutters. Seamless gutters lack any gables or hinges. The absence of such structures cuts down on the chances for the development of water damage. Once such structures become wet, it takes them longer to dry out thoroughly.

Will the roof-installer put any added accessories on our rooftop?

The owner of a home with a chimney would have good reason for asking that particular question. Some installers put a cap on the chimney of the dwelling with the new roof. Such caps have the ability to keep heat from escaping from a re-roofed dwelling. At the same time, such caps demonstrate the capacity to prevent the entrance of small mammals.

Will the roof-installer equip our roofing with eave flashings?

The homeowner that asks that question seeks details on any plans for the placement of thin, weather-proofing materials. Such materials supplement the function of the existing underlayment. Like the underlayment, that added material works to keep moisture out of the roof’s shingles.

Possible other questions

Depending on the location of the house that will be getting a new roof, a homeowner might have other questions, as well. For instance, in the northwest, where it rains frequently, the homeowner’s question might be this: What protections from the raindrops will you put in place on rainy days? A homeowner in Arizona might seek detailed information on the types of materials that will comprise the makeup of a cool roof.

Those two very different questions reflect the range of concerns that might enter the head of someone that plans to pay for a re-roofing project. No article or blog post can deal with each such concern. A thoughtful reader/homeowner will recognize he concerns that he or she must address, when it comes time to plan for the installation of a new roof.