Roofing Materials To Consider When Planning For Roof’s Replacement

No roofing will last forever. Eventually, a homeowner could find it necessary to replace the home’s existing roof. At that point, the same homeowner might be able to consider a long list of options.

Clay tiles are one option

The tiles’ durability is one of that option’s chief benefits. In addition, each time can withstand exposure to high temperatures. Moreover, the tiles do not fade, when exposed to the sun’s rays. That is why tile rooftops are so popular in the southwest region of the United States.

Slate roofing is another option

Of all the roofing materials on the market, slate comes with the highest level of durability. A home with a new slate roof should not need a replacement for at least 50 years, assuming that the roofing is well maintained. Still, not all homes qualify as candidates for a slate rooftop. Slate is heavy. It can only be used on a structure that has the ability to support a heavy covering.

Asphalt shingles are the most affordable of all the options.

In addition to being affordable, such shingles come in a variety of colors. Hence, the homeowner has the ability to coordinate the color of the home’s siding or woodwork with the hue in the shingles. The addition of an asphalt roof can work to ensure energy savings. Still, it lacks the durability of the other options. It comes with a 20-year lifetime, as per roofing company in San Jose.

Suppose that a balcony has served as the roof of a garage?

That was the design that was used on some homes about 60 years ago. In that case, a roll of asphalt often got unrolled onto the floor of a flat balcony. There was not good provision for the runoff of rainwater. Hence, the garage’s roof soon needed to be replaced.

Today, anyone owning a home with such a design could consider an option that is also available to the owners of apartment buildings. That is the creation of a garden area as a protective cover. Of course, the covered structure would need to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the dirt and the plants.

A lengthening list

Smart homeowners do not assume that nothing new has come on the market. Indeed, there are newer types of asphalt shingles. The introduction of such products could motivate the creation of improvements to the metal or tile roofs.

Anyone those new products might contain a feature that would seem to offer a solution to a problem. If that problem were to be one that had caused you to face a challenge, then you would need to learn more about that same product. It might be just what you need, as a roof replacement.

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