Noteworthy Facts About Replacing An Asbestos Roof

Once the home industry had learned about the toxic nature of asbestos, it became clear that homes with an asbestos roof should receive a replacement.

A licensed contractor should perform the replacement of an asbestos roof

Licensed roofing company contractors in San Jose understand how to avoid an unnecessary exposure to the asbestos fibers. That is why this particular job does not belong on a list of possible DIY tasks.

Why should a homeowner replace an asbestos roof that is in good condition?

The first reason has to do with the possible development of future leaks. Even small leaks release toxic particles. No homeowner should allow his or her family to become exposed to such toxic particles. The second reason relates to the fact that a family’s time in their existing home could be limited. In other words, their home might eventually be put up for sale. It is hard to sell a house with an asbestos roof.

Advice to homeowners that plan on replacing a roofing structure that contains asbestos

Be sure to obtain the necessary building permits. If you fail to secure those permits, you will find it hard to sell your home, even after you have paid for the roof’s replacement. Obtain and follow all of the local regulations. If you do not follow those regulations, that could cause your neighbors to be less cooperative.

See if you can get an estimate for the amount of time that it could take the contractor to complete the planned replacement. You may want to take your family on a short trip, while the work on the roofing is in progress. Pay attention to what the contractors are doing. Make sure that the roof receives a sealant before the contractors do any cutting. That helps to protect against the release of toxic materials.

Find out if your contractor plans to supply the bags that will be needed, for holding the removed materials. If your contractor does not plan to supply those bags, then you should get hold of them yourself. Find out if your contractor intends to handle the removal of the filled bags from your property. If your contractor has not agreed to perform that particular task, then you will have to find a service that is ready to pick up your bags. Be sure to explain what is in each bag, because that determines the bags’ destination.

If you are not staying in your home during the replacement, then you must learn how you can obtain a paper that shows the presence of a safe roofing structure. The contractor should provide you with such a paper, so that you have it, if you one day show your home to a potential buyer.

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