How To Prepare Commercial Roofing For Summer?

With spring in full swing, summer is also fast approaching and with come the heatwaves. Commercial roofing specifically is generally flat and thus heavily exposed to the sun and heat waves which can lead to severe damages that are quite costly to get fixed. The UV-rays can severely weaken the roof by destroying its barrier, while the heat can cause cracks in the roof and cause the seams to come apart. Once it has come this far, the next rainfall will be free to pierce through the roof and cause leaks all over.

Tackling the summer preparations

The best way to start your preparations is to call in a roofing inspector who will scout out the weak points and take care of necessary repairs that may already be pre-existing. These repairs will be much cheaper now than if they were left unpatched and free to worsen as the heatwave rolls in. During this inspection, the exterior should not be all that is looked at since the interior may also need some patching in order to remain sturdy and capable of withstanding the summer.

With inclement weather conditions for most part the year, it can be difficult to maintain optimized roof strength. However, with regular maintenance you can have a leak-proof strong roof.

Knowing the warning signs will be helpful during your preparations, so here is a quick list of what you should watch out for. If you notice even just one of these signs, it is time to call in a roofer to get the problem addressed as soon as possible.

• Check the roofing membrane for blisters, punctures, and cracks
• Inspect the ceiling and walls for signs of discoloration and water stains
• Make sure the parapets and walls remain free of cracks
• Check the walls underneath your roof deck for deterioration and raised areas
• Ensure that no screws or nails have begun to pierce through the roofing membrane
• Inspect the masonry panel joints for signs of missing caulking or damages
• Watch out for gaps in the caulking around all units, such as the chimney or the HVAC
• Make sure no granules have gone missing and left behind bald spots

How to prevent summer damage to your commercial roof

Scheduling frequent inspections is really the only way to prevent roof damage in general. During the inspection by roofing company in San Jose, the small damages or heavy signs of wear and tear, can be found and fixed right away before they can become bigger, costlier problems. However, it is not just a great way of preventing future damages, but it is also great for extending the overall lifespan of your roof by sometimes decades.