How To Prep A Roof Before Arrival of Expected Winds?

Some sections of the United States get hit by seasonal winds. That fast-moving air can get underneath shingles and tiles. That fact highlights the need for some preparation, in anticipation of the winds’ arrival.

Suggested preparations

Take care of the loose tiles and shingles. See that each of them gets returned to its proper position. Strengthen the roof’s weakened sections, when those are visible. Some weakened sections might remain hidden from view. Their presence might get revealed after the winds have died down.

Roofing Contractor in San Jose pay particular attention to the flashes and the areas around the chimney. These are places where a seal might have cracked, allowing water to get into the attic. Place a proper seal around any pipes that rise above the roof’s outer surface. The sealing material surrounding those exposed pipes could weaken and crack. A weakened section of the roof becomes more vulnerable to the winds’ effects.

Actions to take after the windy season has passed:

Exam the gutters. Is there any asphalt in those water-catching parts of the home? Any evidence of asphalt indicates the natural removal of some of the roofing’s material. A homeowner that spots asphalt in the gutters should arrange for performance of roof repairs, by a team of professional roofers.

Exam the roof. Does it have any missing shingles? If so, get them replaced. The homeowner with a tile roof must complete a similar examination. Missing tiles send a message that does not differ greatly from the one sent by the missing shingles. Any tile that has disappeared needs to be replaced.

Check for dislodged tiles. This is a time when the previously-hidden weaknesses in a rooftop might become more apparent.

Why do dislodged tiles indicate a weakness in a rooftop?

A tile is heavier than a shingle. For that reason, high winds can tear off shingles, while simply dislodging tiles. Yet, when a tile lays over a weakened section of a roof, it becomes easier for the wind to dislodge it.

What might weaken some section of a rooftop? It could be that termites have eaten away at an area of the roofing’s structure. Naturally, any tile that gets placed over that termite-eaten area fails to display the same properties as all the others, those that were installed by the same group of roofers.

Unfortunately, the property missing from that one specific tile cannot be noticed, until the tile’s dislodgement exposes the absence of that same feature/property. Another fact that should concern homeowners relates to a second possible cause for a rooftop’s unseen weakness.

That cause relates to the condition of the nails used to secure the roof-part (tile) to the roofing structure. Typically, corroded nails fail to carry-out their intended function.