How To Know If Your Home’s Roof Needs Newer Shingles?

Homeowners get used to viewing the roof on their family’s residence. Sometimes their eyes overlook the signs that the old shingles should be replaced with newer ones.

Common signals that the old shingles ought to be replaced

• Signs of curling along the shingles’ edges
• Evidence that granules are missing from certain spots on the shingles’ surface
• You have done some research, and have learned that the existing roof is at least 20 years old.
• The roofing structure looks worn
• Several of your neighbors have chosen to invest in a new roof.
• Evidence of leaks observed within the home: Were brown spots seen on the ceiling? Are there places where material is falling from the ceiling?
• Did you exam the condition of the wood in the attic? That could provide evidence of leaking water, water that broke through a weak spot in some old shingle.

Less common but equally serious signals

You note the presence of dark streaks on the roof’s deck: Airborne algae have caused the formation of such streaks. Algae travel through the air in the form of spores. Once spores have landed on your roof’s deck, they could start to grow. Once spores have started to grow on a rooftop, their presence encourages the development of leaks.

You have found that there is moss growing on the roof’s surface. Do not try to brush it off. Only professional roofers know how to remove such moss, so that it does not damage the roofing materials, and the underlying structure.

How to approach the task of getting new shingles on your home’s roof?

Do not make a hasty decision, regarding the Roofer in San Jose or the contractor, if you are going to have a professional install the new covering for the deck of the rooftop. Give careful thought to the type and color of shingle that you want on your new roof. Do not assume that you ought to get the cheapest type, or the one that is most expensive.

Determine what other materials you might need. Note the shingles’ location. Are any of them in the areas around the chimney, or around a pipe that sticks out of the roof? If that is the case, then you ought to have special materials, those that are placed on roofs in such an area. Maybe you should think more seriously about hiring a roofer.

If your research has shown that the home’s roof was last changed 20 years ago, then you ought to learn how you can assess the wisdom behind placing newer materials on an old deck. Roofers know best how to make such an assessment. Again, this situation highlights the benefits that are linked to hiring a professional, instead of attempting a DIY project.

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