How To Decide Between Replacing Or Repairing A Roofing System

Every roof has a limited lifetime. By the same token, every rooftop gets exposed to the elements that are associated with all sorts of weather conditions. Consequently, a homeowner often faces the challenge of deciding whether to replace or repair the home’s roofing system.

Factors to consider when faced with making that decision:

• How extensive is any damage that exists on the roof?
• Where is repair work needed?
• How old is this home’s roofing system?

Means for assessing a roof’s condition

• Check for the presence of missing or buckling shingles.
• Check for the presence of roofing granules in the gutter.
• Look at roofing system from inside the attic. Can you find any points where a bit of light is shining through?

Facts that aid an evaluation of observations made while checking the roof’s condition:

Torn or lost shingles can be replaced. That replacement can proceed without replacing the entire roofing system. Still, it can prove difficult to find a tile that matches the color of those already on the rooftop. Of course, residents of the house seldom object, if the shingles in the roofing system do not all have exactly the same color.

Yet when it comes time to sell a house, a potential buyer wants to purchase a residence with matching shingles. Hence, it makes sense to replace a home’s roofing, before putting the residence with the new roof up for sale.

Roofing Contractor in San Jose know that partial repair of a roof’s damaged section tends to be more expensive than replacing a few shingles. The homeowner must pay for both the new materials and also for exposure of the materials that were removed.

A possible alternative to replacement of a whole rooftop

If a roof has been damaged at a hard-to-reach spot, it may prove difficult to find a crew that can carry-out the needed repairs without charging a large amount of money. When faced with such a situation, a homeowner may decide to reroof. The reroofing process calls for putting a new roof on top of the old one.

Installation of a new roof on top of an old one removes the need to deal with any removed materials. Consequently, it seems like a logical solution, if a homeowner does not want to pay for replacement of an entire roofing system. Unfortunately, not every private dwelling belongs on a listing of residences that are ready for the re-roofing procedure.

Sometimes, the roof deck on a home has begun to rot. If a roof deck contains rotting wood, that it will not offer suitable support to the structure that gets added, by means of the re-roofing procedure. That fact underscores for homeowners the value of an investment in proper maintenance of the roofing system.