Good Points And Bad Points In Flat Roofing Design

A flat roof has a slight slope. That minimal degree of sloping allows it to drain off some water, while providing an eye-catching appearance to whatever building it covers.

The 3 basic categories of flat roofs

• Membrane: A single membrane layer over top of an insulated board
• BUR: Built up, using multiple layers of tar and asphalt, along with roofing felt and rocks or gravel
• Modified bitumen: Contains flexible asphalt with a basic coating; this is lighter than BUR

A flat roof’s bad points can pose a challenge to the person that has been charged with caring for that particular structure.

• It is susceptible to water damage.
• It has short lifespan.
• It requires more maintenance, in order to reduce the problems that are caused by the roof’s poor level of drainage.

For the owner of a building, the flat roof’s good points outweigh its fewer desirable characteristics.

Roofing company in San Jose knows that it costs less to install. As there are a smaller number of structural materials required, the labor hours are less and is more cost effective to install. And it is easy to repair.

Additionally, it increases outdoor space especially if you have a small yard or a narrow lot, so the flat roof adds the area to lounge or create a terrace garden. And for maintenance services, flat roofs are a favorite. Whether it is about checking the sidings, cleaning the gutters or minor repairs, it is safe for the roofing technicians as they don’t have to worry about sliding off the roof.

It can serve as a good base for a skylight or solar tubing. Hence, it provides a building’s owner with a way to lower the costs associated with providing any residents or users of the building with a source of energy. Additionally, if you are looking to install the solar panels, it is important that you talk with your roofing contractor and get their viewpoint too.

Could a skylight ever pose a danger to those walking on the roof?

Today, most of the men and women working on a rooftop have acquired the skills of a professional. In other words, each of them has learned how to use caution, when working around a skylight. Moreover, not many people show an interest in walking on a rooftop’s surface, even when it has only a slight slope. Of course, that was not always the case. There was a time when people caught some fresh air by walking on the almost flat surface that covered a building.

Thus, if you are looking to decide on getting a flat roof, we hope this will help make up your mind.

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