Facts To Be Noted By Homeowners With Flat Roof

By September 18, 2020Roofing Company

Some homeowners embrace the benefits linked to a flat roof. It increases the amount of storage space in the home, and it provides the home’s residents with space for an added garden. Still, those benefits come in the company of certain drawbacks.

Common feature in all flat roofs

Each of them has a slight slope. That slope causes water to get pulled towards the roof’s drain.

Unseen problems

The home’s foundation stands at risk. Maintenance of the gutter essential, in order to prevent damage to the foundation. Water can make its way into living spaces within the home. That water can damage the home’s walls and casings.

Features introduced, in hopes of preventing creation of the listed problems.

Some flat roofs have inner drains. Those drains have a pipe system below them. The drains’ water gets directed into the pipe. The pipe can clog; repairs to a clogged system are expensive.

Roofing contractor in San Jose know that the other flat roofs have devices called scuppers. Those scuppers are boxed drains. In order to function properly, a scupper should be connected to a downspout. Still, the downspout could become clogged. Again, maintenance of system becomes essential.

A more obvious problem: It seems linked to the flat roof.

Every smart homeowner should think about the day when he or she might want to sell that house. For that reason, any changes need to focus on the level of the home’s appeal. A feature that causes a house to seem odd might scare-away certain home-shoppers.

On a street in which most homes have a traditional roof, a flat roof might seem odd. The home’s odd appearance could make it harder to sell. Still, it might appeal to someone from a country where most residences have a flat roof.

What benefit do families enjoy, when their homes have a flat roof? The family members sleep on the roof during the hot summer months. Realtors might want to make note of that fact.

Realtors could play-up that benefit, and de-emphasize the roof’s drawbacks. The flat roof could be pointed to as a means for facilitating the enjoyment of glamping. Larger numbers of people have taken an interest in glamping.

Perhaps the makers of outdoor equipment could decide to capitalize on the attention given to the flat roof. Those equipment makers could give to glamping gear the same features that are found on camping gear. Thus, it could be designed to resist the presence of water. In that way, neighborhoods might one day contain lots of flat-roofed homes.

That would not solve the roof’s drainage problems. Still, it would make turn that odd roof into a most-desirable feature. In other words, a problem could get transformed into a benefit.

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