Exploring The Benefits of Concrete Tiles And Shakes

With spring fast approaching, the time has come where people begin to replace their roofs when their current ones have reached the ends of their lifespans. If you are one of these people, you may have already started to look into your options. Color, style, durability, cost – all of these are major factors that you will likely be looking at.


However, one option that we recommend you take a closer look at is concrete. Concrete can come in the form of shakes and tiles. It is an extremely long-lasting material that can last you up to a lifetime. While it is true that the initial costs are higher compared to other materials, it does absolutely make up for it by surpassing all other materials in terms of longevity.

Due to the nature of the material, it is extremely versatile while also being supremely energy efficient. Due to its wide variety of different appearances, it can also adapt to every style and design out there. Concrete can take on the form of shakes, shingles, slates, and simulated wood, in combination with a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes.

Appearance aside, concrete roofing is also one hundred percent fire proof and resistant to the elements, which gives it its extreme longevity. Your new concrete roof will also protect you from loud noises, keep out pests and moisture, and allow you to walk on your roof without fear of cracking the material.

Types of Concrete Roofs

According to roofing company in San Jose, there are two types of concrete roofing tiles which have gained a lot of popularity: fiber reinforced tiles and micro-concrete tiles.

• Fiber-reinforced tiles contain either sisal or coir fibers, which prevents the tiles from shrinking and makes them sturdier. As a result, the tiles are thinner but equally impact resistant.
• Micro-concrete tiles, or MCR for short, are made with aggregates which makes them more brittle. As a result, they require a bit more TLC during the production stage.

Both types of tiles contain the base ingredients of cement, water, and sand, which makes them economically friendly and gives them their extensive longevity. In comparison to all other roofing options, concrete tiles are the lowest in maintenance, while still lasting you a lifetime, if the contractor who installs them knows what they are doing.

Choosing The Right Contractor

In order to have a concrete roof that lasts you a lifetime, you will need to choose a roofer with the right licensing and proper insurance. The first time you sit down with the potential roofers, be sure to ask for proof of insurance, a selection of references, and a written bid.