Benefits Linked To Installation of Fascia Boards

The fascia boards help to secure the gutters, keeping them in place. Still, no homeowner should assume that he or she will enjoy all the benefits that are normally linked to the fascia boards’ presence on a home.

The type of wood in the boards determines the chances for delivery of the expected benefits.

The roof repair service in San Jose knows that the typical homeowner wants the gutters to remain in place as long as possible. Yet a gutter might fall off, it the fascia board has started to decay. In order to prevent such decay, the person installing the boards needs to use good quality wood.

Cedar and cypress hold up well, when used in a fascia board. Pine or fir, both of which are used during construction of a home, function perfectly in a fascia board. In fact, any wood that can resist decay has the ability to substitute for cedar, cypress, pine or fir.

The length of a fascia board’s life reflects the quality of the nails used in the gutter-securing part of the home.

Gutters can get heavy, when the leaves collect in those rain-catching channels. Only high-quality nails can keep a heavy gutter attached to the fascia board. The best nails are the ones that have been galvanized. When galvanized nails get used to attach a gutter to a fascia board, the board’s lifetime gets extended.

The longer that a gutter-fascia board pairing carries out its job, and collects the rain water from the roof, the longer the homeowner can enjoy that same board’s anticipated benefits. For that reason, nail quality determines the amount of time during which a fascia board and gutter pairing can provide the expected benefits.

The finishing touch on the fascia board

After the nails have been hammered into the boards used to secure the gutters, the typical homeowner covers those same boards with paint. It should be a water-resistant paint. A smart homeowner makes sure that the fascia’s color matches the hue used in the painted sections of the home’s exterior. If the window trim is a pale green, the paint used to cover the fascia boards should be the same color.

How does that paint represent a benefit? It enhances the gutter-securing part on the outside section of the home. Hence, it makes the home more appealing in the eyes of a potential buyer. The seller welcomes the introduction of any item that allows a home to have a greater level of appeal, in the eyes or a potential buyer. Creation of a home that appeals to potential buyers serves as a way to assist the homeowner. It increases the chances that one potential buyer might soon become a true buyer.