Become Familiar With The Different Types of Asphalt Shingles

Most homeowners choose to have asphalt shingles on their home’s rooftop. Those that have made that choice should know the basic facts about asphalt shingles.

The 2 types of asphalt shingles

Organic: Made by staking felt sheets. The sheets get saturated in asphalt, a process that allows for creation of a shingle.

Fiberglass: Woven fiberglass replaces the felt. The fiberglass gets used to make a mat. The mat gets coated with waterproof asphalt. Ceramic granules get placed on the shingle’s top layer.

Features of shingles that increase the effectiveness of roofing that contains asphalt shingles:

The structure has proved adaptable. The felt stacks have been replaced with a fiberglass mat. The utilization of fiberglass aids creation of fire proof shingles. Roofing Company in San Jose know that reflective granules can be placed on a shingle. The granules’ presence aids reduction of the cooling costs in buildings where the roofing contains those granule-covered shingles.

Both types of asphalt shingle can be recycled. Homeowners that have concerns about the sustainability of the environment do not have to feel guilty about replacing old shingles with new ones. The old ones are not wasted; they are not discarded.

In some locations, the moderate summer temperatures eliminate the need for air conditioning. In such places, the shingles with granules become unnecessary. Consequently, contractors can use shingles without granules. Implementation of the change does not raise the cost of construction of buildings that do a better job of retaining the heat.

The value of the benefits offered by a roofing product outweighs the cost of creating that beneficial product. It does not cost much money to add granules to a shingle. Contractors can save money by using recycled materials. The methods used so far for altering/improving the asphalt shingles have demonstrated the simple nature of a successful innovation. That fact helps to motivate further innovation, including low-cost innovation.

The original asphalt shingles solved a problem that had concerned physicists. The replacement of felt with fiberglass showed that chemists could also offer great ideas. Society benefits when scientists from several specialties can work on a problem together. It has been shown that the basic shingle can undergo a number of improvements, although the perfect product has not yet been invented. Still, the invention of new but similar products has not demanded a huge expenditure of time and effort. Ideally, that fact should aid the creation of better shingles.

Better shingles means better roofing materials. Better roofing materials means more effective methods for protecting those inside a building from the elements. Is it possible that in the future, someone will invent a shingle that can be used on housing units that get established on Mars?