Advice On Selecting The Color For Your Home’s Roof

Future homeowners get to select from a long series of options, when they are paying to have a house built for them. One option that is shared by both existing and future homeowners concerns the color of the home’s roof.

The general rule for the color of an asphalt roof

Pick a color that is darker than the siding on the house. Realtors have noted how different homebuyers react to various siding and roofing combinations. Their observations have revealed that homes with white siding have an appealing look when the roofing is black, brown, grey, green, blue, or even white.

Homes with beige siding tend to appeal to potential buyers when the roofing is black, brown, grey, green or blue. Note that the option of white has not been included on that second list.

Homes with grey siding present an appealing look when the roofing is brown, green or blue. In other words, a homeowner cannot assume that by following the simple rule given above, the seller of a house can create something that should appeal to all potential buyers.

Exceptions to the general rule, regarding the roof’s color

A house with dark siding should not feature dark roofing. It needs a light-colored rooftop. A home that has one other feature should not have a dark roof. That is one in which the amount of roofing exceeds the amount of siding. That is another example of a residential structure that should have a light-colored roof.

Any color choice should take into consideration the colors that the neighbors have used on their roofs. That does not mean that every homeowner ought to copy his or her neighbors to the closest extent possible. Still, it does mean that it pays to stick with a rather neutral hue, in order to avoid creating an unpleasant clashing of colors.

Something else to consider when selecting the hue for your home’s roofing

Roofing Contractor in San Jose knows that no roofing structure lasts forever. It makes sense to plan for the time when the roof must be fixed or replaced. At that time, the homeowner often prefers to have the same, or at least a similar coloring.

For that reason, it pays to inquire about any plans for discontinuing a hue that seems to match with the home’s siding. It does not make sense to purchase a hue that could be discontinued. That would make the task of fixing or replacing the roofing all the more difficult.

Most roofing structures cannot be painted, but a rubber roof has the ability to retain its impressive features, even after receiving a coat of paint. Perhaps, as more consumers appreciate that fact, the demand for rubber roofs will gradually increase.

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