5 Tips for Roofing Your Home Hassle Free

It can be an enormous headache. The expense and sheer size of a roofing replacement in many homes is often too big for the homeowner to handle. People all over the country dread the day they need to tackle this job and yet someday we will all be there.

So how can you handle roofing your home again without breaking the bank or bursting an artery? There are a few common sense ways to make this project less hassle and more worry free.

1) Save For It Ahead of Time

This may seem impossible or just plain boring, but socking away even $1000 per year to be allocated for this project will make a big dent in the out of pocket expenses of roof replacement. You will have more options and less stress if you don’t need to borrow the money (or a portion of it) and you will be more apt to go ahead with the project before it’s too late.

2) Don’t Wait Too Long

A leaky roof not only looks ragged, it can cause an amazing amount of damage if left long enough. When water gets through worn shingles it will rot the roof decking, soak into the attic insulation and even damage the drywall in your home. Mold, mildew and warping will be the result.

In the end, you will have much more to worry about if you hold off until the damage is done. Then your project can turn into major interior renovations as well as a more extensive roofing job.

3) Invest With the Future In Mind

Choose roofing material that will hold its value as much as possible. That means long lasting shingles with at least a 25 year rating or lifelong products like steel roofing. The initial investment will be more, but you can depend on the product for much longer and if it comes time to sell, a worn roof won’t take any of the home’s value away.

4) Investigate Your Contractor

Roofing is a highly skilled job and not something to be taken on by a handyman with some time on his hands. Your roofing contractor should be an experienced businessperson with plenty of jobs under his or her belt.

Make sure they have adequate insurance and safety training. Insist they apply any safety gear to their staff and your home, creating the optimum environment for a job well done.

5) Take It In Stages Only When Necessary

Some homeowners will pay to have the roof repaired or only a portion of the roof replaced. If that is absolutely all that your budget can handle, by all means continue. But if you can generate the funds from somewhere, having the entire project completed at once will actually save you money.

You should get a better deal on the materials since you’re buying them in larger quantities. And the labor to set up the job will be the same as if they needed to simply re-shingle a valley or a corner of your house.

From a financial perspective you can minimize the stress of a roofing job by saving for it and tackling the complete job all at once. The job itself will be much more durable when top of the line materials are chosen and a qualified contractor is hired.

With these steps in mind, your roofing replacement job will be as hassle free as possible and your home will be much more cozy and comfortable.