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Roofing Design Tips to Make the Most of Your Roof

More than just a necessary element that caps and protects the house, your roof is an important part of the face or appearance of your home. In general, roofing covers about 30 percent of the area seen when looking at your house from the street or drive. And although the facade holds a majority at 60 percent, the roof is still a large part of what makes a good visual impression for your home.

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Roofing Contractor

When building a new home it is up to the roofing contractor to follow the recommendations of the designer. In wintry areas of the country metal, especially aluminum sheet roofing, is popular because it sheds the heavy snows before the build-up can cause structural damage. In southern areas, where snow is a non-entity, clay tile roofing both reflects and dissipates the heat before it can get into the home.

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